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(For information about the Board of Directors & Officers, visit this page)

Committee Chairs

Board Subcommittee for Events
   - congresses (webpage)
   - congress attendance grants (webpage)
   - fall/winter gatherings (webpage)
   - webinars (webpage)

Linda Dzuris, Chair (email
Board Subcommittee for Finance Wesley Arai, Chair (email
Board Subcommittee for Membership Caroline Poon, Chair

Archives Tiffany Ng, Chair (email
Associate Carillonneur Examination (webpage) Jim Fackenthal, Chair (email
Barnes Memorial Grants (webpage) Carolyn BoldenLinda Dzuris, Co-chairs (email
Bulletin (webpage) Kimberly Schafer, Editor
Carillon News (webpage) Austin Ferguson, Caroline Poon, Editors (email
Carillonneur Examination (webpage) Jeremy Chesman, Margaret Pan, Co-Chairs (email
Emerging Artist Grants (webpage) Roy Lee, Chair (email
Finance John Widmann, Chair
Franco Composition
   - contests (webpage)
   - commissions (webpage)
   - student grants (webpage)
Joey Brink, Tom Lee, Co-Chairs (email
Heritage Music Joy Banks, Andrea McCrady, Co-Chairs
Legal David Hunsberger, Chair
Music Publications (webpage) Laura Ellis, Chair
Alex Johnson (Arrangements)
John Gouwens (Compositions)
Nominating Committee (webpage) Margaret Angelini, Chair (email
Professionalism, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Elisa Tersigni, Chair (email
Public Relations & Website Emily Moody, Chair
Warner Arrangements & Transcriptions Competition (webpage) Ellen Dickinson, Chair
World Carillon Federation Delegation Carol Anne Taylor, Chair

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