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The work of the GCNA is carried out entirely by committees of volunteers who are motivated by their passion for the art of the carillon. Professional carillonneurs are much more than just musicians. Participating in our committees is a great way to build up valuable experience in a variety of fields, including journalism, music engraving and publishing, library and information science, grant administration, governance, and more.

Our work is segmented into the following committees:


Chair: Tiffany Ng

Archivist: Vacant


The Archives Committee is responsible for the GCNA's archival materials, which are stored at the Anton Brees Carillon Library at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. The archives captures and preserves our history, development, and business affairs.

Associate Carillonneur Examination

Chair: Jim Fackenthal


The Associate Carillonneur Examination Committee oversees the Associate Carillonneur Exam, which evaluates a candidate's carillon performance skills and general knowledge at an intermediate level. It creates the rules, administers and grades the exam, and offers valuable feedback to exam candidates throughout the process.


Editor: Kim Schafer

The Bulletin Committee is responsible for the publication of the Bulletin, the GCNA's member-driven journal. It evaluates submissions for publication, performs the editing and layout, and administers the printing and mailing.

Carillon News

Editors: Austin Ferguson and Caroline Poon


The Carillon News Committee is responsible for the publication of Carillon News, the GCNA’s semiannual newsletter. It reviews requests for publication, organizes the layout and style, and administers the printing and mailing.

Carillonneur Examination

Chairs: Jeremy Chesman and Margaret Pan


Members of the Carillonneur Examination Committee administer and adjudicate the Carillonneur Exam, whose purpose as specified in the Bylaws is to advance individuals from Associate or Associate Carillonneur to Carillonneur membership. The exam certifies performance proficiency and competency in musicianship and carillon technique. The process also offers written feedback to candidates on their playing.

Emerging Artist Grant

Chair: Roy Lee


The Emerging Artist Grant Committee manages the Emerging Artist Grant. It reviews grant applications and handles the grant disbursement process.


Chair: John Widmann

The Finance Committee monitors and reviews accounting of GCNA bank and investment accounts. It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors based on its interpretation our financial standing.

Heritage Music

Chairs: Andrea McCrady and Carla Staffaroni

The Heritage Music Committee works to locate, catalogue, and electronically preserve the carillon music collections of important past North American carillonneurs. It also collaborates with the Music Publications Committee to research copyright ownership and revive carillon publications that have gone out of print.

Johan Franco Composition Fund

Chairs: Joey Brink and Thomas Lee


The Johan Franco Composition Fund Committee seeks to encourage and enable composition of new music for carillon through contests, commissions, and grants. Contests are held biennially, in both a submissions-based and proposal-based format. New works are commissioned regularly, often with specific intent (e.g. for carillon plus, intermediate level, 3-octave instruments). The student composer/performer pair grants are offered annually.


Chair: David Hunsberger

The Legal Committee handles the legal formalities related to the GCNA’s incorporation and legal status and advises the Board of Directors. Recurring topics for advice include interpretation and revision of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and acting in ways consistent with our nonprofit status.

Music Publications

Chair: Laura Ellis

Subcommittee chairs: John Gouwens (compositions) and Alex Johnson (arrangements) 

The Music Publications Committee manages the GCNA Music Store. It calls for new music publications annually, reviews submissions and prepares them for publication, and fulfills sheet music orders throughout the year.


Chair: Margaret Angelini


As specified in the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee is charged with evaluating and recommending the best candidates for the annual election to the Board of Directors.

Professionalism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Chair: Elisa Tersigni


The Professionalism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (PDEI) Committee is responsible for bringing about the changes necessary to support and celebrate the diversity of the carillon community. It develops inclusive policies, fosters communication and understanding between members, and encourages the promotion of diversity in our community. Members serve 3-year terms and rotate off for at least 1 year so that the committee can continually hear from new voices.

Public Relations and Website

Chair: Scott Hummel

The Public Relations and Website Committee is responsible with managing and disseminating information about the GCNA to the public and maintaining our website. It runs social media channels, develops and refines the website, and publishes the biweekly newsletter.

Ronald Barnes Memorial Grant

Chairs: Robin Austin and Carolyn Bolden


The Ronald Barnes Memorial Grant Committee manages the Ronald Barnes Memorial Grant. It reviews grant applications and handles the grant disbursement process.

Warner Arrangements and Transcriptions Competition

Chair: Ellen Dickinson

The Warner Arrangements and Transcriptions Competition Committee manages the music competition in honor of Sally Slade Warner, a prolific arranger of carillon music. Competitions are held in even-numbered years, and the committee determines the procedure, and format, and prizes.

World Carillon Federation Delegation

Chair: Carol Anne Taylor

The World Carillon Federation Delegation Committee is the liaison between the World Carillon Federation and the GCNA Board of Directors. It works with the President to select 4 delegates that represent the GCNA at the World Carillon Federation's meetings.

Board Subcommittee on Events

Chair: Linda Dzuris


The Board Subcommittee on Events helps plan the annual congress and hosts the educational webinar series. It also disburses grants to hosts of fall/winter gatherings as well as grants to attend congress.

Board Subcommittee on Finance

Chair: Wesley Arai

The Board Subcommittee on Finance is concerned with short-term financial controls, insurance, and the annual budget of the GCNA.

Board Subcommittee on Membership

Chair: Laura Ellis

The Board Subcommittee on Membership works to enrich the membership experience at the GCNA. It hosts "Meet the Board" events for new GCNA members, the Newcomers Breakfast at the annual congress, and other activities.

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