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What is a Carillon?

A carillon consists of a series of at least 23 tuned bells, played from a keyboard that allows expressiveness through variation in touch. The player, or carillonneur, can play a broad range of music—from arrangements of popular and classical music to original compositions created just for the carillon. Carillon bells can be heard throughout North America, in cities, at churches, on school campuses, in public parks, and in many other places where people gather. Learn more ...

Summer Carillon Recitals

The best way to listen to carillon music is live and in person! Did you know that there are close to 200 carillons across North America? Many carillons are played throughout the year, and many plan special recitals during the summer months. Check out this year's recital listings!

Can't make it to a carillon recital in person? Check out our online music listings to listen to carillon music from anywhere!

About the GCNA

The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America is an organization of professional musicians dedicated to promoting the carillon art. It supports the development of proficient carillonneurs and encourages the building of new carillons, the improvement of existing installations, and the composition and distribution of carillon music. The Guild is a member organization of the World Carillon Federation.

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Congress 2022 at The University of Chicago

The 79th Annual Congress of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America will be held at The University of Chicago from June 16 to 19, 2022.

The detailed congress schedule is now available on the congress webpage!

GCNA congresses are open to members as well as non-members. Register today!

Contests for Composers

The GCNA Johan Franco Committee is pleased to announce two Franco Contests for Composers:

1. The Composition Contest is structured in the same way as previous Franco Contests (deadline: November 1, 2022). Learn more ...

2. The Proposal Contest is new this year, geared towards composers that are newer to the carillon or are looking for more of a collaborative process (deadline: June 1, 2022). Learn more ...

Classified Ads / Job Postings

We welcome classified advertisements regarding the sale or donation of items that may be of interest to GCNA members such as second-hand practice consoles, collections of sheet music, publications, recordings, etc. Employers are welcome to submit job postings for carillonneurs and related positions (including full-time or part-time, employee or contract positions). For more, visit the Classified Ads / Job Postings page.

Support the Guild

In addition to donating directly to the Guild, you can use these links when you shop at Sheet Music Plus (for both carillon music and other music) or Amazon, and they will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Guild:

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