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The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America is always accepting submissions of carillon music for publication. There is an ongoing need for new repertoire—both compositions written for the instrument as well as arrangements and transcriptions of music for other media.

As one of the leading publishers of carillon music in both North America and the world, we maintain a catalog of over 500 items and counting.

How to submit

To submit your music, email the Music Publications Committee chair, Laura Ellis, at Submissions are divided between the Original Compositions Subcommittee, chaired by Wade FitzGerald, and the Arrangements Subcommittee, chaired by Alex Johnson. We highly recommend that your submission be typeset using music notation software.

So that we can debut each year's new music during our congress in June, we have an annual deadline of January 1. But don't wait! We accept submissions throughout the year.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn about writing for carillon?

To learn about writing music for carillon, we encourage you to reach out to the carillonneurs and music writers near you. We also recommend these resources:

Do I need to be a member of the GCNA to submit music?

No! We accept music submissions from everyone.

Do you publish arrangements of copyrighted music?

Yes! We use Hal Leonard's platform ArrangeMe to publish arrangements of copyrighted music and sell them on the online store Sheet Music Plus. If your submission is not available for publication through ArrangeMe, we may refuse to publish it. In all cases, it is your responsibility to do the appropriate research and obtain the proper copyright permissions.

Can I retain my copyright and still be published?

Most music writers sign the copyrights over to the GCNA, but other arrangements are possible.

What is your preferred submission format?

We highly recommend that your submission be typeset using music notation software. To make our work quicker, you may submit your typeset music in your software's native file format, for example .mscz for MuseScore, .sib for Sibelius, .musx for Finale, etc.

What is your policy on royalties?

Since the GCNA endeavors to make music easily available for performances at all venues, we do not ordinarily collect or pay royalties. We will ask you to sign a contract waiving the collection of royalties for live, nonprofit performances of your published music. We are a volunteer-driven organization, and that volunteer spirit includes our music writers.

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