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Grant Opportunities

Read up on our active grant programs and prepare to apply!

Ronald Barnes Memorial Grant

To honor his extraordinary contributions to the North American carillon art, we established the Ronald Barnes Memorial Grant fund in 1998. It helps North Americans pursue studies in carillon performance, composition, music history, or instrument design. Since 2007, we've awarded over US$140,000 to fund more than 2 dozen research projects.

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Grants for student composer-performer pairs

We believe that commissioning composers early in their careers leads them to discover their love for the carillon and their skill in writing for it. That's why we offer grants giving student composer-performer pairs the opportunity to collaboratively create and premiere a new composition for carillon. Since 2021, we've awarded $US5,000 to 5 student pairs.

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Grants to attend congress

By attending our annual congress, you can discover new carillon music during our recitals, learn new skills through our workshops, and meet new people at our social events. Congress is also where we host the Annual Meeting of the Members, where you can take an active role in our organization.

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Grants for emerging artists

This is a new grant program to promote the development of aspiring artists and to provide them with educational opportunities as well as the equipment and tools necessary to obtain the experience to establish themselves professional. Eligible applicants are those who have passed a GCNA examination or obtained a similar credential within the past three years. Since 2021, we have awarded over US$40,000 to more than 2 dozen artists.

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Grants for hosts of fall/winter gatherings

Up to seven US$1,000 grants will be made available for hosts of carillon gatherings over the fall and winter seasons. Up to one event will be funded in each of the seven geographic regions of North America. Since 2021, we have awarded US$5,000 to 6 gatherings.

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