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Tower Design and Standards

Keyboard Standards

The GCNA adopted its first keyboard standards in 1970, and the standards were published in the November 1970 Bulletin. The standards were revised in 1981, although the revised standards were not formally published until 2006. The standards are now included as Appendix D in the GCNA Carillon Tower Design and Construction resource booklet.

View Keyboard Standards.

Tower Design

A booklet titled Carillon Tower Design and Construction was written in 2005 by Patrick Macoska as a resource for architects, engineers, contractors and others contemplating the planning, design, construction or renovation of a carillon tower. Mr. Macoska revised and published the booklet in 2006, and it now includes the GCNA Keyboard Standards as Appendix D. Mr. Macoska is a registered architect in the state of Michigan and is chairman of the GCNA's Tower Construction and Renovation Committee.

View entire Carillon Tower Design and Construction booklet.

If you have questions about the booklet or if you have a question that the booklet does not answer, contact Patrick Macoska.

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