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Commissioned Music

The Johan Franco Committee of the GCNA commissions new musical compositions written for the carillon.

View all commissions to date in the GCNA Music Store or click on individual pieces below.

Commissions awarded to date are as follows:

2022 "Beacon/Belfry" by Nathan Davis (carillon + fixed media)
2022"Cloud Lullaby" by Alison Yun-Fei Jiang (carillon + trombone)
2022 "When Mist Floats to Sea" by Phyllis Chen (carillon + shakuhachi)
2022 "the greatest trees are cut down" by Ellen Arkbro 
2020 "Fanfare to the Open Air" by Aaron David Miller (carillon + trumpet) 
2020 "SOUNDFIELDS: Celestine" by Bora Yoon (carillon + electronic track) 
2020  "Octopus steals crab from fisherman" by Carolyn Chen 
2020  "Tribute" by Gary White (in memory of Roy Hamlin Johnson) 
2020  "Andromeda" by Yvette Janine Jackson 
2018 "july 3, a hall of mirrors" by Jenny Olivia Johnson
2018  "Tower City" by Jessie Montgomery
2018 "Staying / Going" by Margot Murdoch
2018  "Butterfly Chaos" by Paul K. Takahashi
2016  "Fantasy on Old Hundredth and Sine Nomine" by John Gouwens
2012  "The Bell Invites Me" by Michael Torke
2007 "Music for Carillon", Op. 107, by Lowell Liebermann
2004 "Pealing Fire" by Libby Larsen - published by the composer, and available through GCNA
2003 "Bravo Bells" by Stephen Paulus - published by Paulus Publications, and available through GCNA
1997 "Winds of Autumn" by John Pozdro
1995 "Winter Song" by Roy Hamlin Johnson
1993 "Variations and Theme" by Lee Hoiby
1991 "Easter Dawning" by George Crumb (pub. C.F. Peters)
1989 "Triptych" by John Pozdro
1983 "Figments" by Gary White
1982 "Introduction and Sicilienne" by Ronald Barnes

Except as noted above, all have been published by the GCNA.

Interested in Commissioning Carillon Music?

The Johan Franco Committee is pleased to make available Commissioning Carillon Music: A Guide to Getting Started. Written by Tiffany Ng with the 2020 Franco Committee, this resource offers advice on getting started, obtaining funding, the process, the world premiere, and publication of the commissioned work.

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