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Other Bell Websites

The World Carillon Federation (WCF)
The international carillon organization; its members are the several national carillon organizations, includng the GCNA. Visit this Website for information about them and links to their Websites.
Logo of NAGCR The North American Guild of Change Ringers (NAGCR)
Information about change ringing in North America, and links to Websites of affiliated towers.
Tower Bells Tower Bells
Information about single bells, American bellfounders, clock-chimes, tubular bells and tubular tower chimes, as well as all of the information and maps which formerly made up the technical data section of the GCNA Website.
Logo of AGEHR Handbell Musicians of America (HMA)
(formerly The American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, or AGEHR)
Help and information about handbells and handbell music; links to web pages of bell choirs.
Logo of ABAII American Bell Association International, Inc. (ABAII)
Most members of this society are collectors of small decorative bells and related items, but some are also interested in tower bells and related topics. There is a "big bells" section in the online Forum.

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