Board of Directors & Committees

Officers are elected at the annual Congress.

Officers for 2015-2016

President:Tim Sleep, Warrenville, IL
Vice President:Julianne vanden Wyngaard, Wyoming, MI
Recording Secretary:Caroline Poon, Michigan
Corresponding Secretary:Tim Sleep, Warrenville, IL
Treasurer:David Hunsberger, Oakland, CA

Board of Directors

Directors normally serve three-year terms, which expire at the end of a Congress; current directors' terms expire in the year shown. Three directors are elected by the voting membership each year. Unexpected vacancies are filled by the action of the remaining members of the Board.

Joey Brink, Chicago, IL 2018
Dennis Curry, Bloomfield Hills, MI 2017
Dianne Heard, Lansdowne, PA 2018
David Hunsberger, Oakland, CA 2017
Roy Lee, Toronto, ON 2019
Carol Anne Taylor, Dallas, TX 2018
Ed Nassor, Fairfax, VA 2019
Tim Sleep, Warrenville, IL 2019
Julianne vanden Wyngaard, Wyoming, MI 2017


For each committee or subcommittee, key personnel are identified.

Archives Joy Banks, Chair
Associate Carillonneur Examination Margo Halsted, Chair
Bulletin Kimberly Schafer, Editor
Carillon Directory Chair
Carillon News Austin Ferguson, Caroline Poon, Editors
Carillonneur Examination Patrick Macoska, Chair
Central Mailing John Bordley, Chair
Finance John Widmann, Chair
Heritage Music Committee Andrea McCrady, Chair
Johan Franco Composition Fund Joey Brink, Tom Lee, Co-Chairs
Legal David Hunsberger, Chair
Membership Enrichment Carol Anne Taylor, Margaret Angelini, Co-Chairs
Music Publications Laura Ellis, Chair
Carlo van Ulft (Arrangements)
John Gouwens (Compositions)
Richard Giszczak (Copy editor/copyright)
Nominations Sally Harwood, Chair
Professional Concerns Ellen Dickinson, Chair
Public Relations and Website Julia Littleton, Chair
Ronald Barnes Memorial Scholarship Fund Andrea McCrady, Ray McLellan, Co-chairs
Roster Wylie Crawford, Chair
Tower Construction & Renovation Patrick Macoska, Chair
WCF Delegates (and offices held) Wylie Crawford (President)
Dennis Curry
Carol Anne Taylor
Carl Scott Zimmerman (Treasurer)
2016 GCNA Congress Ellen Dickinson, Host
2017 GCNA Congress Richard Gegner and Richard Watson, Hosts